Are you new here?

Welcome. Thank you for coming to our page to see what our fellowship might look like on a Sunday Morning.

Many folks may be a little intimidated when it comes to visiting a church for the first time. Hopefully at the end of this article you will feel like we have answered the bigger questions for you in advance.

How big is your church? on average we are around 200 on any given Sunday

Do you have a dress code?
 No. In our church you will see anything from suits to jeans. Dress in what you are comfortable in and of course we do encourage modesty.

What is the age demographic? We are a congregation that is well represented by all age groups. We believe the church is about this entire age span and so seek to include parts of our service that every age group can relate to.


What kind of music should I expect to hear/sing? We sing a blend of old and new.  In other words, we sing contemporary praise and worship songs as well as some hymns. Every other Sunday we alternate between Hymns and contemporary praise and worship songs. Our Worship Teams use instruments like piano/keyboard, guitars, drums, etc.

Body of Service. Our service formally begins at 10:45 am. Led most often by our pastor or one of our ministerial leaders. During this time, we sing several songs, offer prayers of praise and petition, share  prayer requests, give opportunity for offerings, possibly hear from a missionary, a children’s story for the kids, and end with a message based on scripture. 


Sermons. Preaching is generally expositional, meaning that it seeks to declare the point of a particular Biblical passage. Sermons usually last around 30-35 minutes and are packed with material for reflection. On a regular basis our sermon series move through a book of the Bible, using both the Old and New Testament.


Do you have children’s programs during the Worship Service? No, we do not have an organized Children’s Church program at this time but we do have a children’s play room (parents are responsible for their own children) and we also have a baby room for sleeping or nursing mothers.

Other programming on Sunday. We offer a full Sunday School program right from Mom’s with babies to Adult Sunday School classes. These begin at 9:30am, prior to the Worship Service. Childcare is not provided. 

What else might I expect? You will likely be greeted by someone at the door. Ushers will guide you to a seat if you so wish. All of our volunteers that are in contact with minors have been processed through our child protection plan (training).

If you have any further questions you would like answers to please do not hesitate to contact the church through our phone number or email contact.

Our Leadership Team

Pastor – Mike Plett

Youth Pastor – Nathan Plett


  • Ministers
    • Jake Friesen
    • Colin Peters
    • Harvey Plett
  • Deacons
    • Curt Plett
    • AJ Reimer




While God and the Bible are the ultimate authority for Prairie Rose EMC, there is a leadership structure to keep the day-to-day operations and ministry of the church moving correctly.


Prairie Rose EM Church is a Mennonite church that is congregationally governed and ministerial led. The ministerial (elder) team is congregationally selected and affirmed. This leadership team has a few integral parts.


First, it is made up of ministers and deacons who serve together as a team we refer to as a ministerial. The ministers are responsible for overseeing the teaching and preaching of the word, and deacons are responsible for the physical care of church attenders. This ministerial is accountable to each other and the church membership and meet the qualifications laid out in the New Testament books of 1 Timothy (chapter 3) and Titus (chapter 1) .


Secondly, pastors. We have two hired pastors each responsible for areas of church ministry. Pastor Mike Plett is our senior pastor and Pastor Nathan Plett is our Youth Pastor.